Ukraine’s corruption watchdog has unearthed what it believes is evidence of possible irregularities on an MP’s crypto declaration – and her cache of bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), and ethereum classic (ETC).

As previously reported, Ukrainian anti-corruption laws oblige all MPs to file declarations detailing all their assets – including cryptoassets.

And per Slovoidilo, the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption says it has found “inaccurate information” in a 2020 declaration from the Za Majbutne (For the Future) Party MP Anna Skorokhod.

The watchdog did not allege any “conflict of interests,” but it seems to be dissatisfied with the MP’s claims about exactly how she came to own the coins. Skorokhod told the body that “she did not have enough technical knowledge” to make purchases and that “all transactions were “carried out on her behalf by her [former] husband.”

The MP, per her 2020 declaration, is sitting on a tidy collection of coins, including BTC 44 (USD 2.89m), ETH 130 (USD 620,672) and ETC 135 (USD 7,766).

Ukrainian law requires MPs to declare exactly when they bought tokens and how much they paid for them. But the watchdog says it believes there is a USD 9,347 discrepancy between the tokens’ stated worth at the time of purchase and the prices she (or her ex-husband) allegedly paid for them.

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