What a difference two years can make. In the months leading up to cannabis legalization, speculators were promoting a green gold rush to the masses. Rosy predictions foretold the mass abandonment of the black market and the emergence of new users.

Then October 2018 came. While feelings of jubilation (and clouds of skunky smoke) were in the air, sales quickly flattened. Halfway through 2019, it became clear – the boom was nowhere to be seen.

What the heck happened? Experts have offered many theories. Some claim high prices encouraged regulars to stick with their dealers. Meanwhile, others blamed speculative reports that drove wildly unrealistic expectations.

You can’t deny today’s reality – overproduction has led to a glut of cannabis and CBD products. This glut led to lower prices, which in turn caused many CBD companies to experience cash crunches.

As a result, investors have hammered the stock valuations of most publicly-traded cannabis companies. The biggest firms have lost two-thirds to more than 90% of their value, peak-to-trough.

As bad as that sounds, though, all gluts come to an end. Is now the time to buy? In this report, we’ll evaluate the top CBD oil producers in Canada.

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