There is a common misperception among investors that lithium will power Tesla’s growth. However, that’s not the case. Nickel is more important. You see, lithium-ion batteries don’t really require all that much lithium. The cells used to power Tesla vehicles should be called nickel-graphite because the primary constituent in the cell as a whole is nickel. This is why investors should be focused on nickel miners and not lithium miners. That is why we are focused on Giga Metals (HNCKF).

Giga Metals (HNCKF) Daily Chart

Giga Metals (HNCKF) Daily Chart

Giga Metals (HNCKF)

First up, here’s the background story on Giga Metals (HNCKF) for those that aren’t familiar with the company. Giga Metals is actively advancing its flagship Turnagain nickel sulfide deposit with the aim of sustainably producing 40,000 tonnes of nickel per year. The Company has been supporting work with the University of British Columbia on CO2 sequestration in the pursuit of producing environmentally-friendly nickel with the objective of building one of the world’s first carbon-neutral mines.

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