Research has shown that the global artificial intelligence industry is expected to see revenue growth equal to $554 billion by 2024. In light of this immense growth potential, an increasing number of investors have been looking into AI stocks as potentially profitable investments.

Despite being a good investment with solid fundamentals and growth catalysts, AI stocks have traditionally been available only to institutional investors with deep pockets. However, in this article, we’re bringing you 2 of the best AI stocks you can buy TODAY!!

Trading at less than $5, Datasea Inc., (NASDAQ: DTSS) and Auddia Inc. (NASDAQ: AUUD) are dominating the top gainers’ list today. Let’s take a deeper look…

AI Stocks #1: DTSS

Since its inception in 2014, digital technology company Datasea Inc., (NASDAQ: DTSS) has been engaged in 3 converging & innovative business segments: 5G messaging, acoustic intelligence, and smart city technology in China. In efforts to expand and reach a wider consumer base, the company recently announced that its subsidiary Shuhai Zhangxun Information Technology Co. –  has expanded the customer base of its Juchuan Smart Push – a precision marketing solution powered by 5G messaging technology – to serve companies of all sizes.

Given the increasing use and demand of Smart Push, DTSS is capitalizing on an extremely lucrative market with its technology. In fact, there is a broad demand in the market consisting of over 48.42 million companies of different types and sizes in China. These companies are involved in various industries ranging from technology, education and marketing to fitness, health care, beauty and more…

Commenting on this, CEO Zhixin Liu:

Whatever industry the company is in, Smart Push helps keep visitors on site with customized content and product recommendations and has delivered higher engagement and user loyalty. Today’s announcement further establishes DTSS as the ultimate platform for marketers and a domestic leader in 5G messaging solutions.”

Despite this amazing step towards achieving the company’s goals, DTSS has caught investors’ attention and has been rallying up because of something entirely different… On July 14th, the company issued a FORM S-1/A | Securities Registration Statement disclosing the resale of up to 1.2 million of its common stock shares. It is agreed that the shares may be sold from time to time by the selling stockholders named in this prospectus.

Looks like @astockwatch1 is watching DTSS closely following the release of the statement…

Let’s take a look at the chart….

Following its overnight run-up, DTSS is currently trading at its new resistance of $2.18. The stock shows support at 1.7 and another 1.6. Accumulation has been fluctuating but is seeing an uptick recently and the MACD is bullish to the upside and shows no signs of an incoming crossover. The RSI is at 84 and continues to trend upwards.

Taking into consideration these indicators, bullish investors could wait for the stock to cool off before finding a good entry point on DTSS. It is likely that the stock could retest its support before going on another major run given that it’s currently extremely overbought… Get free alerts on the best entry points & make BANK on each trade!

AI Stocks #2: AUUD

Developer of a proprietary AI platform, Auddia Inc. (NASDAQ: AUUD) has a vision of reinventing how consumers engage with audio through radio and innovative technologies. On June 21st, the company announced the launch of its next-generation AI algorithm to deliver a commercial-free listening experience on news, talk, and sports radio stations, while improving the ability to hear DJ talk segments on music stations within the fair mobile application.

The company recently achieved the next technological milestone required to advance its AI platform. The faidr app will now offer commercial-free news, talk, and sports stations, and music stations will have full DJ talk in addition to being commercial-free. With this step now over, the company plans on rolling out its new technology in phases…

Peter Shoebridge, Auddia CTO is bullish on the company’s progress saying:

By the end of July, we expect users on faidr will be able to have a fully seamless, world-class radio-streaming experience on the vast majority of stations in the app.”

On another note, there was evident insider trading activity on July 12th as Officer Grasby Paul Darren purchased  32,694 shares of the company at a PPS of $76.99 with a total value of $2.5 million. In light of this, investors are speculating an announcement is imminent and are securing positions on one of the best AI stocks this week before it goes running!!

Given its low float, AUUD would see MASSIVE increases as its catalysts play out. After all, AUUD has a market cap of only 16 million and ALOT of room to grow further in the coming months…

But how is this affecting the stock?

AUUD has been steadily climbing and is now trading at its newly formed resistance of $1.3. It shows strong steady support at .87. Accumulation has seen a steep decline after being steady for the past couple of weeks. On the other hand, both the MACD and the RSI are trending upwards – with the MACD on a recent bullish crossover and the RSI at 79 – indicating the stock is currently overbought.



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As always, good luck to all (except the shorts)!


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