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Choosing the right stocks to invest in is no easy task, there are countless things to consider. From financial records to company’s management and a million other little details that are so easy to overlook. 

Although trending stocks are not always the biggest winners, in this article we will present for you some stocks that are proving themselves to be both trending and winners. These stocks are the new Hong Kong IPO, Magic Empire Global Ltd (MEGL) and ChemoCentryx, Inc., (NASDAQ: CCXI) as well as GreenLight Biosciences (NASDAQ: GRNA). Don’t have time to do your own research? Sign up for our alerts and we’ll do the leg work for you! 


Magic Empire Global Ltd (MEGL) is a financial advisory company in Hong Kong that plans to finalize its IPO and start trading in the NASDAQ tomorrow! The company works on finance advisory, underwriting and compliance 

advisory services as well as IPO sponsorship services.

On July 28, MEGL started its offering at a $4-5 price per share, expecting to raise up to $23 million in total. Investors can buy the IPO through Webull till it closes on August 5. This stock is currently gaining momentum thanks to AMTD Digital (NYSE: HKD) – another Hong Kong based company. 

These two stocks are not related but HKD skyrocketed over 17,000% since its IPO with no catalysts, which could be an indicator on how MEGL’s value can go once it starts trading. The company also shows major potential growth with over $2 million in revenues over the past 12 months. 

It is also worth noting that from 2016 – when MEGL was established – to December 2021, the company successfully worked on 6 IPO projects, 31 financial advisory projects, 24 compliance advisory projects, and 3 underwriting projects.

It’s still way too early to tell where MEGL stock might be headed, however with HKD’s shareholders winning the lottery and making all that money. Maybe adding another Hong Kong IPO to your list of stocks to invest in can be beneficial. 


As a US-based biopharmaceutical company, ChemoCentryx, Inc., (NASDAQ: CCXI) works on developing and commercializing medicine for inflammatory disorders, autoimmune diseases, and cancer. The company made headlines today for announcing its entrance into a $3.7 billion acquisition. 

CCXI entered into a definitive agreement with Amgen (NASDAQ: AMGN). Under the terms of the agreement, Amgen will acquire ChemoCentryx for $52 per share, representing an enterprise value of almost $3.7 billion. The agreement is planned to be finalized by Q4 2022. 

Amgen embarked on that $3.7 billion in cash agreement mainly to get CCXI’s leading product – Tavneos. Which is an FDA approved inhibitor for the treatment of  severe active anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic autoantibody-associated vasculitis, severe hidradenitis suppurativa and lupus nephritis. Commenting on that, Chairman and CEO of Amgen – Robert A. Bradway – said that 

We are excited to join in the TAVNEOS launch and help many more patients with this serious and sometimes life-threatening disease for which there remains significant unmet medical need. We also look forward to welcoming the highly skilled team from ChemoCentryx that shares our passion for serving patients suffering from serious diseases.”

Stocks to invest in - CCXI stock

Following this news, the stock went on a major 108% run up to be currently traded at $50.4 which now serves as the new resistance. The stock also has a strong support around 22.2.

CCXI stock

Accumulation is increasing rapidly, meanwhile MACD is on a bullish crossover with no signs of another crossover in the near future. The RSI is at 92 indicating that CCXI is extremely overbought at the moment. 

This might not be a good time to chase with the stock trading so far from its support. Keeping in mind that with the date of the agreement getting closer, the stock might break its current resistance and trade at an all time high. CCXI is a tricky one but if you time your entries and exits, it could be a huge winning stock. Afraid you will miss the next run? Sign up for our 100% free alerts and you will never miss another run! 


GreenLight Biosciences (NASDAQ: GRNA) is a biotechnology company that focuses on manufacturing and selling RNA products for health and agriculture applications. The company has been on investors’ radar for the past three days as it finalized the first commercial-scale engineering run for its new mRNA Covid-19 vaccine. 

In 2021, GreenLight entered into a strategic partnership with Samsung Biologics. Thanks to that partnership Greenlight was able to fast track mRNA Covid-19 vaccine and is already being tested in less than two years. 

On that note, GRNA’s CEO – Andrey Zarur – stated that “One of the greatest challenges when producing quality pharmaceuticals is advancing from a small lab to large-scale commercial production,” He went on to add that GRNA is extremely grateful for the support of Samsung “in demonstrating that our small mRNA process can scale in a linear fashion to the industrial scale that will be needed to help satisfy the vaccine needs of humanity.”

stocks to invest in - GRNA stock

Upon the news, GRNA skyrocketed but it has cooled off a little since then and it’s currently being traded at $4.5. The stock has a resistance around 9 and a support near 1.99. 

GRNA Stock

Accumulation is trending downwards, on the other hand MACD is on a bullish crossover. Lastly, the RSI is holding at 54. This might be a good entry point for bullish investors as the company is showing a lot of growth potential. With more news, the stock might witness another run up to break its resistance and trade at its 52-week high of $15.8. 

Bottom Line

There is no concrete list of what good stocks to invest in each day but with some research (or our 100% free alerts) you can make millions investing! 

As always, good luck to all (except the shorts)!


Disclosure: We have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this video. Viral Stocks is not an investment advisor and this video does not provide investment advice. Always do your own research, make your own investment decisions, or consult with your nearest financial advisor. This video is not a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell, or hold securities. This video is our opinion and is meant for informational and educational purposes only and does not provide investment advice. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

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