SEGI stock is the latest thousand percent runner on the OTC Markets. The best part is that penny stock traders aren’t having to wait months or years to see the big gains. We are now seeing these types of gains in a matter of days, just like with TSNP, which you can read here.

SEGI stock opened on November 24th at $.0004 and in a matter of five days managed to hit $.07 for potential gains of 17,400%!!

SEGI Stock Daily Chart

SEGI Stock Daily Chart

We were a little late in alerting our subscribers on SEGI stock at $.002, but they still saw potential gains of 3400%.

In this article, Insider Financial takes a look at SEGI stock for our regular readers and discuss its business and the outlook for shares over the next few weeks.

SEGI Stock

First up, here’s a little background info for those not familiar with SEGI stock. Sycamore Entertainment is a diversified entertainment company that specializes in the acquisition, marketing, and worldwide distribution of quality finished feature-length motion pictures. Sycamores’ management team utilizes its longstanding relationships to provide market specific publicity, promotion, media buying, theatrical placement, and Print and & Advertising financing for theatrical domestic release. Sycamore delivers its content through Over The Top (OTT) connected platforms such as ROKU, Amazon Firestick, Samsung IOS, and Apple TV.

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