LCLP Hits Jackpot with Massive Crypto Acquisition

Today, another crypto runner is on our radar, and we have high expectations of this crypto play. Life Clips, Inc (OTCMKTS: LCLP) has surged over 1,500% over the past 5 days and at one point gained over 3,000% in the two days to July 15 after announcing its foray into the crypto space.

The cryptocurrency industry has been one of the most lucrative sectors for small-cap companies during the last few months, and our subscribers have seen huge runners that we brought to light.

Majic Wheels (OTCMKTS: MJWL), which rose over 11,000% year-to-date, is one of the best recent examples that we covered before its massive price surge.

We’re about to discuss why this recent announcement is of tremendous importance for Life Clips and why investors should regard LCLP as a great addition to their OTC portfolio with long-term potential.

LCLP Stocks Daily Chart


We first paid attention to LCLP in mid-April, when the share price was fluctuating below one cent. Today, you can buy the OTC stock for four cents, but that’s certainly not the upper limit, as the company’s latest acquisitions bring value.

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