December 1, 2022

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The market is set to open and we have something that we feel could be super explosive immediately.

This on is sitting at just .03 and has been walking up the chart from a penny.

Turn your attention to BGTTF right away. 

Billy Goat Brands is a venture capital platform focused on investing in high-potential companies operating in the ocean economy. It intends to accomplish these goals through the identification of and investment in the securities of private businesses that are involved in the food and beverage industry, with a focus on: (i) plant-based protein, (ii) functional foods, (iii) food technology, and (iv) fermented foods. The Company plans to generate returns on its investments through various outcomes, including, but not limited to, go-public transactions, mergers or acquisitions, and the other liquidity events of its investee companies or projects. The paramount goal of Billy Goat Brands will be to generate maximum returns from its investments in a manner consistent with its environmental, social and governance values.

GOAT Provides Transaction Update for Acquisition of Direct Lithium Extraction Technology

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GOAT Industries Ltd. (the “Company” or “GOAT”) (CSE: GOAT), announces that, further to its press release dated September 14, 2022, the Company is working through diligence of 1000288601 Ontario Inc. (“Ontario Co”) and its Canadian license for a leading Direct Lithium Extraction technology (the “DLE Technology”) and expects to enter into definitive agreements in the coming weeks.

The DLE Technology has been developed by private industry as well as university researchers based out of Australia and it is GOAT’s understanding it is more cost-effective extraction technology than fractional crystallization, membrane filtering, MOF’s, adsorption, reverse osmosis, and ion exchange. Upon closing, it is GOAT’s intention to pursue commercial partnerships with explorers and producers in brine rich Canadian jurisdictions.

The DLE Technology has the potential to reduce capital and operating costs, while accelerating lithium-based battery metal project startups via:

  • No evaporation requirements;
  • Increased lithium recovery;
  • Increased production flexibility;
  • Reducing residence time;
  • No ground water disturbance; and
  • Increasing the percentage of solvents that are recovered and reused.

Lithium demand is projected to rise from approximately 500,000 metric tons of lithium carbonate equivalent in 2021 to some three million to four million metric tons in 2030.i At the same time, surging electric vehicle demand has seen lithium prices skyrocket by around 550 percent in a year: by the beginning of March 2022, the lithium carbonate price surpassed $75,000 per metric ton and lithium hydroxide prices surpassed $65,000 per metric ton (compared with a five-year average of around $14,500 per metric ton).ii

Generally, direct lithium extraction (“DLE”) can be a driving force behind the lithium industry’s ability to respond to the expected demand increase more swiftly.iii DLE offers an opportunity not only to increase industry supply of lithium, but to reduce the industry’s ESG footprint and provide a lower cost method of extraction.iv





Evanesce was founded by Douglas Horne, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the business. Mr. Horne sought out an opportunity in response to the rise in single-use plastic products, and the mounting pressure that they have applied to the environment. The overconsumption of single-use packaging has been on the rise and they have become a contributor to climate change. Plastics, and microplastics specifically, have been polluting our oceans and affecting ecosystems that regulates our planet’s temperatures. As a result, Evanesce was founded to develop a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic packaging. Using a patented technology that considers strength, insulation and nesting capabilities, Evanesce’s products are being designed to be functional yet environmentally friendly by being 100% compostable and organic.  evanesce-circular-manufacturing-sm

Evanesce collaborated with Haas/Buhler – an expert in food processing equipment – to develop and commercialize its patented technology. Today, its Molded Starch Technology produces 100% compostable packaging material. All of Evanesce’s packaging solutions are free from PFAS and BPA and they decompose into soil within 90 days. All Evanesce products have a shelf life of two years and are leakproof as well as heat resistant, thereby making them both microwave and oven safe. Currently, Evanesce has been issued three patents, has one pending patent, and has made 17 other patent claims. Products such as meal trays, meat trays, containers, and cups are expected to enter the market in early 2022.

The global packaging industry is expected to reach $980 billion in market size by 2022, while the green packaging solutions industry is expected to reach $245 billion within the same time frame. As climate change continues to be an issue that influences how people consume products, the need for alternative packaging solutions is growing. Evanesce has expanded its operations to a second manufacturing facility in Nevada to meet the increased demand of sustainable packaging.

Evanesce’s green packaging solutions are already in use by various leading foodservice companies, grocers, restaurants, and convenience stores. Products can be found in Whole Foods, Save-on, Chipotle, Safeway, Costco, and Loblaws, with more grocery and restaurant chains being added on a regular basis.

As Evanesce continues to grow, it is on track to achieve its goal of become a leader in the food packaging space. With its state-of-the-art technology, Evanesce has recently been recognized by CIO Coverage as one of the Top 10 Innovative Food Packaging Companies to Watch in 2021. Another one of Evanesce’s goals is to make single-use plastics a thing of the past. With consumer demand increasing for more environmentally friendly packaging, there is a push for industries to adopt more sustainable, greener, and cost-effective packaging solutions.


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Lawrence Hay
CEO, Corporate Secretary

Mr. Hay is an officer and director of a variety of private and public companies and has extensive experience structuring and financing companies within the clean energy and ESG industries.

Shriram Bangalore
Chief Financial Officer

Ram brings more 10 years of varied experience in financial and taxation management, corporate strategy, controls, accounting and financial reporting to the Company. Ram holds a Bachelor of Commerce and is a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants, Canada since 2018.

Paul Marr
SVP, Marketing

Paul Marr is the SVP, Marketing at GOAT Industries. Mr. Marr is an award-winning executive creative director. Currently Mr. Marr holds positions as a principal director at KOLD and the head of marcom creative for EA Sports where he leads a team of strategists, designers, copywriters, and creative directors. Prior to EA, Mr. Marr was a director at Canada’s leading creative agency, Cossette, where helped establish brand channels, ideas, and platforms for brands like Best Buy, Telus, and Tourism BC.

David Jackson
SVP, Branding
David Jackson is the SVP, Branding at GOAT Industries. Mr. Jackson is a highly regarded marketing leader, currently holding positions as a principal director at KOLD and VP Marketing for EA Sports where he is responsible for over $2B of revenue globally across the FIFA franchise. Prior to EA, Mr. Jackson’s background is comprised of omnichannel public and private sector advertising with Saatchi & Saatchi in London, United Kingdom. Including having held a position with Barclay’s Bank in sponsorship strategy and activation.