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With high inflation and bear markets, trading nowadays need more PAYTIENCE than ever and you have to watch closely the runners with the biggest potential. With that in mind, in this article we will go over Boxed, Inc. (NYSE: BOXD), NeuroSense Therapeutics Ltd. (NASDAQ: NRSN) and Axsome Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: AXSM) and their recent catalysts.

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Boxed, Inc. (NYSE: BOXD) has always been an investors’ favorite as the company is extremely communicative with its shareholders and has repeatedly proved itself to be a winning stock. As an e-commerce retailer, Boxed focuses on providing bulk pantry consumables to enterprises and regular customers. 

On May 10th, the company released the financial results of Q1 2022, resulting in a 43% increase over the following week. The financial records show that the Year-to-Year gross merchandise value increased 19.2% to become $53.4 million. Meanwhile, the YOY retail net revenue per customer spiked 32.4% to $276 and the YOY total net revenue grew by 14.1% reaching  $46.6 million.

Most importantly, the YOY gross profit of the period ending March 31st increased by 23.7%. All of these positive numbers help BOXD maintain its predictions for the fiscal year 2022. Which are a 24% – 38% YOY growth in total net revenue to reach $220 – $245 million and total software and services revenue of $15 – $23 million.

Besides the strong financial results, Boxed also reported the highlights of its work in 2022 and it’s looking good! The company managed to implement a couple of new features that will help it penetrate new markets in South-East Asia, Middle East and North Africa regions.

Additionally, Boxed is expanding its commercial relationship with FedEx and is already seeing impressive results on its brand marketing investment. As the last survey shows almost a doubled number of brand recognition.

Currently, Boxed is on investors’ radar due to a 13.3% spike in stock value. The company is also gaining momentum for the notable interest of institutional buyers. It now has 59 institutional owners and shareholders that own over 26,000,000 shares.

boxd stock

Following the 13.3% increase in BOXD stock’s price, BOXD stock is currently trading at $2.62. With a new resistance around 2.79 and a primary support at 1.75 as well as a secondary one near 1.3. 

BOXD stock

Accumulation has been steadily increasing and the MACD is on a recent bullish crossover. In addition to RSI standing at 60 which might indicate that the stock is slightly overbought. All the indicators are presenting positive signs, however BOXD stock might see a dip for a short period before it reaches its full potential and be traded at its 52-week high of $17.05. 


With over a 60% increase, NeuroSense Therapeutics Ltd. (NASDAQ: NRSN) is making headlines this morning. This major run up in NRSN stock was caused by the company announcing positive results on one of its ongoing studies. 

As a clinical-stage biotechnology company that works on discovering and developing treatments for debilitating neurodegenerative diseases – for example Alzheimer and Parkinson’s, NRSN has massive growth potential. Due to its focus on one of the globally most significant unmet medical needs. 

On 22nd June, NRSN in collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) released the results from the third stage of their biomarker study that evaluates PrimeC. As the lead drug candidate for treating amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), PrimeC is among the most-awaited drugs this decade. The company also promises the medical community and its shareholders to share more details in the upcoming World Orphan Drug Congress held in Boston, Massachusetts from the 11th to the 13th of July. 

NRSN Stock

After its major 63% run up, NRSN stock is currently trading at $2.79 with a resistance around 3.08 and a strong support near 1.61.

NRSN Stock

Although accumulation has been heavily fluctuating making it hard to comprehend where it’s going next, the MACD is on a bullish crossover that seems like it could last for a while. Meanwhile the RSI hit 90 this morning but it since cooled down to stand at 67, for RSI that is still a high number indicating that NRSN stock is overbought. 

However with the recent run up, it is not worrying that RSI is showing high numbers. Like most run ups, this one could be short lived so it may not be the time to chase but NRSN is durely a stock worth adding to your portfolio in the long run. 


Last but surely not least Axsome Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: AXSM) is gaining momentum for receiving proposed labeling from the FDA related to its new drug. Which resulted in a 53% increase just this morning. 

Axsome Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company that works on developing brand new therapies for many central nervous system (CNS) disorders in the USA. Currently, the company is focusing its efforts on a drug called AXS-05, that is planned to treat major depressive disorder and resistant depression disorders. 

axsm stock

In a recent SEC filing, Axsome revealed that on Friday 24 June, it received proposed labeling from the Food and Drug Administration for AXS-05. Upon reviewing the FDA’s proposal, the company guarantees that it will take the necessary steps to reach a final agreement on labeling. The drug candidate already showed astonishing results in the previous studies, leading investors to feel bullish on the growth of the company once the drug is ready for release. 

AXSM stock

AXSM increased 53% to be currently traded at $37.47 which now acts as the new resistance. The stock has a primary support near 24.06 and a stronger secondary one around 21.74.

axsm stock

Most of the indicators are showing positive signs for AXSM. For instance the MACD is on a recent bullish crossover and although accumulation was trending downwards in the morning, it’s currently increasing. Lastly the RSI is at 80 indicating that the stock is overbought. 

Bottom Line

BOXD, NRSM and AXSM are all on major runs at the moment so this might not be the best entry point. However, it’s important to note that with the potential and momentum they have, these 3 stocks might be seeing a much more rapid increase upon the release of any news on the companies.

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As always, good luck to all (except the shorts)!

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