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With only one trading day left this week, we are here to give you some of the BEST STOCKS that can make you a MILLIONAIRE in no time! Revelation Biosciences Inc. (NASDAQ: REVB) and Gossamer Bio, Inc. (Nasdaq: GOSS).

These 2 stocks are currently on the rise with some major catalysts that will help further your gains. Don’t miss out on any stocks that can make you a millionaire by subscribing to our 100% free alerts to get the latest top gainers!

#1 Millionaire Stocks : REVB

As a clinical stage life sciences company, Revelation Biosciences Inc. (NASDAQ: REVB) made the list of top gainers this week with over a 16% increase due to the company finishing the database lock for its Phase 1b clear clinical study of its allergic rhinitis new drug.

Revelations primarily works on developing immunologic-based therapies to prevent and treat various diseases. Currently, the company has an extensive portfolio filled with product candidates in different development phases. However its lead candidate – REVTx-99b – is what it’s bringing it to the light. 

REVTx-99b is a therapeutic candidate being developed for the treatment of allergic rhinitis. On July 14 Revelation announced it finalized the database lock for its Phase 1b CLEAR clinical study to evaluate the effect of intranasal REVTx-99b on nasal challenge allergen.

The study was conducted in Australia with a main goal of evaluating the effects of REVTx-99b versus a placebo on safety and tolerability. 

There are a number of treatments available but they all come with severe side effects, accordingly there’s plenty of room in the market for better therapeutics. The results of the study are planned to be released by the last week of July. Commenting on all that, Revelation’s CEO –  James Rolke – said 


This is an important milestone taking us one step further in the development of a treatment for patients who suffer from allergic rhinitis, including patients with severe cases that may require invasive sinus surgery.

REVB stock

Upon the news the stock surged 16% to be currently traded at $1.36. With a newly formed resistance around 1.43 and a primary support near 1.17 as well as a secondary support at 0.81. 

millionaire stocks - REVB


Accumulation has been relatively steady for the past two days, however the MACD is on a recent bullish crossover. Meanwhile RSI holds at 57. All the indicators are showing great signs and with more news expected by the end of the month REVB stock might break its resistance and be valued at its 52-week high of $11.29.

#2 Millionaire Stocks : GOSS 

Another clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that has the potential to make you a millionaire is Gossamer Bio, Inc. (Nasdaq: GOSS). The company recently gained tremendous momentum for a $120 million private placement financing.

Gossamer focuses on discovering, developing and commercializing therapeutics in various diseases including ones related to immunology, inflammation and oncology. The company caught investors attention this week as it announced that it is planning on selling around 16.6 million shares of its common stock in a private placement at a price of $7.21 per share. 

The total number is expected to be approximately $120 million, before deducting offering expenses. It is important to note that GOSS expects to close the financing today. Meaning that the stock could see another major run up upon the market opening today. 

The investors participating in this private placement are well-trusted names in the industry including EcoR1 Capital, New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Weiss Asset Management, Madison Avenue Partners and Rock Springs Capital. As well as Boxer Capital, Invus, Monashee Investment Management and some executives of Gossamer.

To further ensure the stability of the stock’s value, the deal included lock-ups agreements with the participating investors to restrict their ability to sell GOSS shares.

The company is planning on using that funding for expanding its studies on its seralutinib program, which is planned to have topline results in the fourth quarter of this year, and other product candidates and development programs.

Also, it will be used for working capital and general corporate purposes. It is important to note that the $120 financing is expected to fund Gossare’s operating and capital expenditures up until mid 2024.

 GOSS stock

Over the past week the stock witnessed over a 60% increase and its currently being traded at $11.06. GOSS has a resistance around 11.2 and a primary support at 8.21 as well as a secondary one nearing 6.99. If you missed this run up, sign up to our free alerts so you never miss another one! 

millionaire stocks - GOSS


The MACD is on a bullish crossover with no signs of another crossover in the near future, meanwhile accumulation is heavily fluctuating. RSI is at 76 indicating that the stock is overbought at the moment.

This run up might not be a good entry point, keeping in mind that the stock might furtherly increase upon more news.  

Bottom Line 

REVB and GOSS among many other millionaire stocks that we previously talked about can make you hundreds, thousands, or millions if you know when to get in and get out. With our articles and 100% free alerts you can easily make big bucks from trading! 

As always, good luck to all (except the shorts)!


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